We know, you get tired of seeing her tweets but DUDE, they’re so mock-worthy it’s hard NOT to cover them. Either she is a master-level troll or she really believes the nonsense she tweets.

Maybe a little of both.

This time she managed to hit climate change AND Islam in one train wreck of a tweet.

So what she’s saying is both sets of experts are right but she disagrees with them because she’s a Leftist.

Climate change is most definitely its own “faith” these days.


Sally, this is a teenager who is more of an expert on Islam than you are.



Heh, sorry, had to.

In her mind she is an expert on both because of her gender, preference and political ideals.

So there.

We’re still waiting for these so-called experts to show up on either one.

Wait, what? A rational tweet?! Dagnabbit this is Twitter, we have no time for rational tweets!

When your own party calls you out? Yeah.