Whoohoo! Ninety-six years ago TODAY the 19th Amendment was ratified to the Constitution giving women the right to vote.


And in honor of that great day many people on Twitter tweeted about the #19thAmendment. Feminists, sexists and other tweeps took to Twitter to tweet about GIRL POWER and how voting is totes important and stuff.

All except President Obama, self-proclaimed feminist that he is … he was far too busy doing whatever it is he does while on vacation. He did tweet this though:

Wow, one of his accounts is tweeting about making a donation and getting a purse. OK, so it’s a tote and men carry totes (not really) so maybe it’s not a sexist thing but yeah, it doesn’t seem overly EMPOWERING to us.

Check out these more empowering #19thAmendment tweets:

Look, no purse … err tote, yeah, that’s it.

Far more empowering than President “Look At Me I’m Such a Feminist” Obama.

And the best tweet of all:

Happy #19thAmendment Anniversary, ladies.