Lies lies lies, yeah.

We know, she’s a liar. In fact, well-known liars see Hillary and say, “Whoa, that chick can LIE.”

Of course it goes without saying that when someone lies as much as Hillary does, they would need to tell lies about the lying to keep up with the original lies. Or something.

It’s a vicious circle, perhaps that’s why it makes more sense to just tell the truth?

CRAZY concept, right?

Especially for politicians.

Oh yes, the irony – when you speak the truth about a lie. Heh.

That is possible … if Hillary lies just that much that eventually she accidentally tells the truth. Hrm. There has to be a Terminator ‘time travel’ reference to be made here, that somehow lying isn’t linear but cyclical?

Democrats don’t care if you lie to them – it’s as if they’ve grown to expect and accept it.

And there you have it.