As America wakes up to yet ANOTHER riot, this time in Milwaukee, with buildings destroyed, property stolen and people injured, we have to wonder …

It appears the suspect who was shot was indeed armed and may have allegedly stolen a car BUT HEY, his skin color is more important than the facts so let’s burn it all down!

See insanity.

Sounds like it, but RACISM or something.

There is likely more truth to this than we realize.

Probably because this messaging, this agenda, is only perpetuated by our so-called ‘leaders.’ Any minute now Obama will call a press conference:

Psh, Obama only calls the police racist during memorials, silly.

And of course there’s the media playing its part, reporting on the chaos and violence … well most of it.

Media only supports a certain narrative where #BlackLiveMatter is concerned, and to report that journalists were threatened or even actually assaulted by these rioters doesn’t feed said narrative.

Count on it.