When a pro-abort fights to save the lives of … bulls.

Yeah, it’s PETA so we’re not exactly shocked they fail to see the irony of the Abortion Queen advocating to save the lives of bulls, especially when human beings run with the bulls THEY are the ones in danger, not the bulls.

But hey, ok.

Good question. Hey PETA, did you find out if Gloria consumes eggs before you went all “solidarity” here? What if she wears leather shoes? THE HORROR.

Animal people …

Huh? A link between running with the bulls and violence to women? If they are implying the bulls are similar to women (how rude) they’re typically the “winners” when they run, not the evil humans. So in essence if you really do make this comparison isn’t running with the bulls a metaphor for women’s empowerment?

Just messing with you, PETA. Here, have a tofu hot dog.