It’s not what you think.

America is one big MELTING POT but hey, that’s racist.


Seems students enrolled in Art Appreciation at the University of Florida could lose their class credit for using the evil term … you know, the term that explains why America is so awesome? All sorts of people? Yeah, suddenly that’s a bad thing.


Heh. Ok, when does the boycott start?

Wait, we love fondue … this “outrage for no real reason” thing is  a real pain.

C’mon man, this is a UNIVERSITY, we can’t have kids thinking for themselves and stuff.

Hrm, hadn’t heard this one before.

Wait what?! Saying THAT is racist, you racisty racist you. *eye roll*



It’s sorta like the Left has gone the plaid (bonus points for those of you who get the Space Balls reference here).