Exhibit A.

What the?

Probably some female intern making 77 cents for every dollar Hillary pays the male interns. Eh, she gets what she pays for. Maybe tweeting about the Olympics just isn’t her thing?

Clearly you can, now whether or not it makes sense and is worth reading is something entirely different.

Doesn’t her name have two l’s? Hrm.

And WikiLeaks would be sharing their information with the world during the final ceremonies. Heh.

It means NOTHING which is why it was tweeted on Hillary’s timeline. Or she is implying Trump is scared of Michael Phelps maybe? Who knows. Democrats are nuts.

Hillary probably still can’t figure out how to operate the VCR (that was one of those emails, right?)

Finally, someone found photos of her interns working hard on Twitter. Or is that the Facebook intern?

You give the head bump far too much credit – Hillary has never been exactly balanced.

Could be – maybe she just got up from a nap?

Hillary and SnapChat … missed that one.

Thank God.

So Hillary. Knew it.