Leftist media … you so funny.

Ok, not really.

Y’all saw this, right?

Well in case you missed it, TIME’s cover is of Trump “melting” because they think he’s having a meltdown.

Wow, so original. What next, some giant cheese puff on the cover? HA HA.

On that note, Ben Shapiro observed something kinda sorta obvious that TIME either was too dense to catch or so biased they deliberately ignored it.


Silly. It’s far more of a meltdown when Trump does it, for any reason. Sure, Hillary broke multiple laws and totes endangered our national security but c’mon, Trump SAID SOMETHING STUPID.

That would be an amazing cover, Hillary with sparks shooting out of her mouth.


And therein lies the rub, is Trump creating this environment out of arrogance? Every time Hillary does something awful and the media starts to pay attention, he says something equally awful about the Second Amendment or Obama creating ISIS.


Let us know when they actually even bother to deny it.