Gross. Vile. Repugnant. Abhorent.

You get the idea.

This new pro-abortion group is called We Testify, and they are encouraging women to brag about having had an abortion. Using what some would called “spiritual” terminology in their name … pretty sick.

From their website: “Every day someone chooses to have an abortion. We are not alone in this decision, however, due to stigma, we’re often made to feel isolated and shamed. Our stories remind us and those around us that we’re not alone. We testify as experts to our experiences. We testify that our spirituality and abortion are one.”


C’mon man, killing an innocent is something to be proud of.

It is sick.

Because apparently they feel shamed for killing a baby … who’da thunk it.

Hopefully. Imagine if someone could have created a group to talk about being proud of their slaves? Oh wait, that was the Klan …

A voice of reason from the pro-choice side. Interesting.

And THAT sums it up.

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