It would appear Vox editor, Zack Beauchamp isn’t familiar with complicated things … like pallets.

Pallets apparently can be unassuming AND stuffed, who knew?

Let the mocking begin …

The men all seem to wear skinny jeans so there’s room for at least a few extras.

How dare you?! They work very hard, it takes a lot of energy to be that smug and condescending.

There’s this magical unicorn pocket on the bottom? No? We got nothin’.

^^^ That.

Ahem, STUFFED into the head of a pin, thanks.


Awww, thank you, Helpie McHelper.

Pallets could be trendy and hip, good point. But unless Starbucks starts using them as tables doubtful Zack will ever really know what one is.

Pallets can be snotty things, this is true.

Oui. Very French and very sophisticated.

We don’t know that, they could have been extremely pretentious.