Cher freaked out about Trump being mentally ill and went on an ALL CAPS RANT about it … at least we think she was ranting about Trump, it’s hard to tell.

Ok, so we think she’s saying that she has a friend who’s a professor at Harvard and said friend thinks Trump is crazy.

No CAPS here, but still unsure what she’s saying – maybe that she’s a tad emotional maybe?

Yeah, we got nothin’ here. The Russians are coming?

The Russians are coming, yup. Got it that time.

Thinking this might be Cher playing patriotic but again, so hard to tell. Either way, she mad.

C’mon, it’s sorta funny.


Anyone else think she comes off a little nutty herself here?

Fine, she doesn’t like Trump, we get it … but calling the man crazy while you have an obvious meltdown? Hrm.

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