Monster mash.

The horizontal hokey pokey.

No-pants dance.

Whatever you wanna call it, millennials aren’t doing it.

Well of course, we blame men. Duh. That’s what we do these days. And technology WHICH we can blame men in part for so MEN!

Too busy to get busy, heh. Kids and their priorities these days.

It would appear though that writing about this topic gets people to read … who knew?

Apparently millennials have their devices turned on instead of their partners.

Who decides to study something like this? Are they just sitting around and think, “Hey, we need to figure out the sexual habits of millennials.” Is this a government thing?

Well that’s just depressing.

C’mon, who isn’t attracted to a guy in tight jeans crying over ‘reproductive rights’ and demanding other men stop their privilege.

Never mind.