On the third night of the #DNCInPHL, Sally Kohn was all aflutter during a certain someone’s speech …


No no.

No no no.

God no.


Oh we dunno Sally, maybe that whole blaming America for every wrong in the world? Always painting Americans out to be the bad guys, even when we’re the victims?

History will be kind to Obama because crazy liberals control the education system and will write history how they see fit. Fixed it for ya, Sally.

Obama had a super majority for two years, how could Republicans have opposed everything he wanted to do from day one?

HA HA HA HA HA HA. Obama is a funny guy, are you sure he wasn’t telling a joke?

Mistakes like Benghazi? Obamacare? ISIS? Big mistakes, Sally.

And cue the predictable identity politics. Sally can’t see them as the individuals they are, she has to put them into neat little buckets and pretend that’s progressive.

Worst. Election.Ever.