This morning the media is totes outraged that portions of Melania’s speech may have been ‘borrowed’ from a speech Michelle Obama gave at the 2008 DNC … if only they had been this OUTRAGED over Hillary’s emails, but we digress.

To add to the plagiarism discussion, Ben Shapiro suggested Hillary herself may plagiarize from someone very famous … or is that infamous?

Straight to the top!

Al Sharpton and Mao … that could work for her.

Luckily she ain’t in no ways tired so surely she can find a way to translate even those small details.

To plagiarize Alinsky she would have to plagiarize Obama who plagiarized Saul LONG ago.

Sensing a theme here.

Wrong Marx, but funny.

She may indeed, it will take a good deal of lights, fog machines and flying monkeys to outdo the theatrics of the RNC this year.

Same difference.