Bernie Sanders, who always talks about taking from the evil rich and giving to the poor, has just endorsed an evil rich person for president …

And boy is she rich and evil.

HA HA HA HA HA. Not just the 1% … hilarious coming from Hillary.

Bernie will do everything he can to make sure the evil rich white lady is your president. Yay.

Because Hillary has done such a bang up job during a crises so far … see Benghazi.

Right, the woman who charges hundreds of thousands of dollars for a single speech is totes in touch with the average, everyday working American.

And Hillary cares, unless you’re in Benghazi and being attacked by a bunch of terrorists, but we digress.

Knows sure, but does she care? She is one of those millionaires, Bernie.

And Hillary ain’t in no ways tired …

Vote for the evil rich lady, says the socialist.

Hillary of course responded in kind …

Young people who quite honestly aren’t huge fans of yours, granny.

In other words thank you for dropping out, booyah.

Blah blah blah, gotta wrap up this endorsement / speech with some buzz words for the campaign …

Ties it up nice and neat with a tweet about gun control.

*eye roll*

Just not the ones who keep donating to you, right granny?

Can’t have a speech without pandering to the ladies, way to go.

And there it is, gotta imply the GOP is attacking voters.

What she’s saying here is, “Please like me, please please please like me.”

Now give the nice rich lady your money …

Democrats, you crack us up.