THIS IS AWFUL! When will men and society stop objectifying women and treating us as second-class citizens?! WHY OH WHY does this continue?! The struggle is REAL!

HA. Just kidding.

Check out this silliness …

Wait, what? You mean a pilot said stewardesses were “pretty?” PRETTY?! How dare this pilot compliment women!

So angry.

So mad!

Yeah! *shakes fist and pitchfork*

Careful, you’ll trigger her.

Pilots should be concerned with what they call women, not safely flying a plane ya’ know. Sheesh.



Hey hey, ho ho, that evil pilot has got to go …

Notice how Betsy tagged United in order to tattle on the pilot? Feminists.

Of course after Betsy tweeted (and Twitter’s reaction to said tweet), she spent time in her ‘safe space’ trying to shame people for being sexist to her about the tweet but by then it was too late. The only people who had any empathy for her were other angry, hairy-legged cat hoarders.

But it sorta is, right?