It is a dark day indeed when the country’s highest court rules against innocent life.

Queen Ghoul and pink tennis shoe wearing Wendy Davis of course took credit for this shameful ruling.

Davis leaves out the fact that she was also filibustering for late term abortion, but we digress.

What the law really did was protect women from dirty, ill-equipped clinics but Democrats can’t allow any restrictions for their pro-abortion agenda.

As always, when any type of ruling goes in their favor, the ghoulish pro-aborts are out in droves shaking their fists about their bodies, their choices and reminding us why they’re among some of the ugliest people you will meet.

Just check out the #WholeWomansHealth tag on Twitter …

Yes, let’s celebrate infanticide – it’s such a happy thing.

No one cares about your uterus, we care about the innocent life you will take because of the poor choices you made.

Women should find this absolutely repugnant, that we are proud to legally kill another human being? That this is somehow a right? Gross.

WTF are reproductive rights? That section is missing in the Constitution, pro-aborts.

This may be the most confusing tweet yet – cheering abortion which kills hundreds of thousands while pretending taking guns from legal gun owners protects life. #Derp.

Yay, we can kill babies!

Can’t list all of these ghoulish tweets without granny Hillary:

On the other side, prolife Twitter tweeted loudly …

In closing there is some good news with the ruling …