This past week, Democrats “bravely” sat on their rumps in order to demand the GOP do away with big mean guns and due process. They also had pillows, ate catered meals and took lots of selfies – hey, they were roughing it, man.

Luckily Celebrity Twitter was out in full force supporting these inspiring layabouts and we’ve brought many of their tweets together in one spot,  because we are givers.


WE WILL SIT ON OUR BUTTS! You tell ’em, Jamie.

Because all heroes sit around eating expensive catered food, sure.

See what she did there? They stood up by sitting down … HA HA HA.

Hulk mad.

Et tu Cap?

She called it gun safety. Adorable.

Not entirely sure what Cher is saying here but on the off chance she is somehow supporting gun control … although we’re pretty sure that last one is about #Brexit.

We know it was hard to sit and eat free food all night, however did they survive?