Since the Orlando terror attack, Democrats have been pounding their chests demanding the Senate pass new gun control legislation – in addition to the thousands of laws already on the books around guns in this country. They brought four pieces of new legislation to the Senate floor and none passed, Senate Republicans seemingly holding the line on protecting the Second and Fifth Amendments.

Seemingly being the key word.

Senator Susan Collins (R) of Maine is the sponsor behind ‘No Fly, No Buy.’ Collins said, “Essentially if you’re too dangerous to fly you’re too dangerous to buy a gun.” Sound familiar?

Huh. And here we thought Republicans protected our rights. Our bad.

That’s a lot of Americans being stripped of their rights without due process, Senator Collins.

So even more Americans. Shew!

Not entirely sure what makes Collins’ bill any different from what the Democrats proposed, she uses the no-fly list in her language as well.

Also note, “If our government has decided …” considering we don’t know how our government decides who goes on this list, this language should concern everyone. Especially Republicans.