Rememeber when Code Pink dressed up like dancing vaginas? Good times.

Assault weapon. That’s cute.

Let us know when Code Pink protests ISIS.

No one has said anything is wrong with two men kissing, the gunman swore allegiance to the Islamic State, or maybe you missed that.

Meanwhile, the NRA has done its best to bring common sense back to the discussion.

Not rocket science, Lefties.

Actually we’ve been blaming the terrorist who swore allegiance to the Islamic State before killing a bunch of people, but by all means, tell us more.

Sadly it seems the Left doesn’t understand the laws that are already on the books, and they want to write more?

Sorry Senator Lee, they can’t hear you, they’re too busy feeling sad and stuff.

Still waiting on that whole “beating people to death” ban …

This Lefty is okay with people dying, as long as they aren’t killed with a firearm. All righty then. But she’s not infringing on your rights … or is she?

Yes she is and so is Code Pink but hey, whatever helps them sleep better at night. Meanwhile we’ll keep our guns and our due process, thanks.