Sean Davis wraps up the past week in one perfect tweet:

Sure it’s ludicrous that a democrat who swore allegiance to the Islamic State before killing 49 people in a gay club is the fault of the GOP but hey, it’s the Left we’re talking about. Adding insult to injury, they came up with a cute hashtag to blame the GOP and unite in their hate, because unity is important.

Apparently mourning for those lost and encouraging the #LGBTQ community to learn how to defend themselves is disingenuous. Who knew?

Oh yeah, and having ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with the shooting somehow doesn’t absolve the GOP but hey, when has the Left ever made sense? Adorbs.

The GOP did respond to this tag, some angry, others more sad …

All that’s missing is the Lefty go-to culprit, GUNS. Luckily angry-gun-hating-cat-hoarding Twitter never lets us down in this regard.

Poor Dylan. Heh. Yeah, we wrote about him already but this tweet is just too good not to share again.

Who would determine the level of “idiocy” that would disallow someone to own a gun? If all it takes to lose your right to bear arms is being an idiot, Democrats will be disarmed way more quickly than any other group. And which magical loopholes?

But no worries, it’s not like the Left ever really makes sense, especially when it comes to anything in their agenda.