Senator Chris Murphy filibustered the Senate floor for nearly 15 hours demanding Senate Republicans agree to a vote on magical gun control. Now what that vote would look like we’re not exactly sure, something to do with big mean guns that fire lots of bullets and doing away with due process so they can protect us and stuff …

He’s had enough – someone get that guy a tissue.

Meanwhile, Conservative Twitter took the senator and the filibuster crowd to task …

Yup, Democrats had a majority in 2009 but to be fair those sillies didn’t realize how many mass shootings would happen under a president who refuses to call terror, terror. So filibuster!

Word. Onward filibuster!

Psh. But filibuster.

That blasted Constitution, always getting in the way of Democrats controlling our lives because freedom is so scary! Filibuster!

C’mon now, criminals ALWAYS obey the law … oh wait.

Our sentiments exactly.

Ban box cutters too! Filibuster or bust!

Stop making sense, when you make sense you only confuse Democrats. And speaking of confused Democrats, see Cory Booker.