Someone needs to remind Hillary she is running for president of a country with a population of both women and MEN. If you read her Twitter feed, or listen to her speak, you would think she only cares about the female vote. It’s a little bit like she’s trying to get elected on Paradise Island, Wonder Woman’s birth place, but instead of an island full of gorgeous Amazons it’s a commune full of angry women who own a bunch of cats, demanding abortions.

We get it, she’s running against Donald Trump so playing her #WomanCard might get some traction, but we’re also wondering if someone should cut up her card, she’s definitely gone over her limit …

Here we have her tired talking point about women’s rights somehow being different from men’s; we still can’t seem to find that one amendment in the Constitution that speaks specifically of women’s rights.

Because abortion is what’s best for women?

If only Hillary herself treated women with respect this tweet might actually mean something. And there’s the issue with her “we are women hear us roar” agenda, Hillary’s own record with women is not great. But hey, she’s a woman, so what difference does it make?