Team Biden keeps claiming the Trump administration didn’t have a plan in place for the vaccine rollout and they inherited a mess.


Ellen Carmichael was good enough to tweet a thread of information about the Biden team absolutely having access to Operation Warp Speed, which was of course the actual plan in place from the Trump administration.

She even brought receipts.

300 meetings.

And yet most of the media is willing to let them claim otherwise.

What she said.

But they didn’t have a plan!

But orange man BAD!


They know the majority of their supporters are completely uninformed and will believe anything they say anyway so no harm no foul, right?

Noooope. But they need it to look like a struggle so they can pretend Trump had nothing to do with bringing this country out of the pandemic.

They want and need Joe to be their savior.

We thought they were brought in to do the hard work and stuff.

Not surprised at all.

Nice to see media calling Team Biden out …



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