Piers Morgan called US journalists ‘hyper-partisan’ for basically ignoring the Hunter Biden ‘laptop from Hell’ story that is unfolding right in front of our very eyes. Oh, they’ve acknowledged that it exists but spend most of their time pretending it’s Russian disinformation or a total nothing-burger not worth covering.

Which tells you the story is likely even worse for Sleepy Joe than we first thought.

Interestingly enough, Piers was supposed to appear on CNN’s Reliable Sources with Brian Stelter but after this interview where he called the media out aired, he was ‘abruptly canceled.’ Piers called the show out:

Because the timing of the cancellation isn’t fishy or anything.

Tater responded.


Tell us another one, Brian.

Sounds like Piers didn’t buy it either.

What a bunch of MALARKEY!

We all knew that.



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