If you were wondering how big of a jagoff Jim Acosta is, look no further than his behavior today during Kayleigh McEnany’s presser when he asked her about Trump holding Russia accountable for bounties on U.S. solider’s heads.

Or not holding them accountable.


Dude is so hung up on Russia.

He retweeted Aaron Rupar of all people to follow up on the exchange. Guess he couldn’t defend himself?

They’re such doorknobs.

No offense to our doorknob readers.

AOC seems to think people are only stealing and setting things on fire, oh, and killing one another, because they can’t feed their families.

Yeah, we made that same face you just did.

Oh, and then, of course, Acosta wanted to fuel the drama about Fauci and Trump not getting along:

Again, he shared someone else who was trying to make his point for him.


Think Jim will write about this in his diary tonight? We do we do!



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