CNN wants Americans to think of wearing ‘masks’ just like they’re wearing a pair of pants.

We know, we know, CNN is dense as a bag of flour at the bottom of the ocean …

From CNN:

It’s not entirely clear which part of the Constitution is supposed to cover face masks, but somehow efforts to ensure public safety have been manipulated into a debate about freedom.

The Constitution doesn’t talk about wearing pants, either, but we all wear those in public. (More on that in a moment).

No thanks.

In the absence of robust federal leadership, the spread of Covid-19 is being managed and will be stopped at the state and local level.

You silly rednecks and your freedom. Sheesh. Just do what the government TELLS YOU!

What a condescending crock of crap.

They excel in stupid.


And that’s the thing, people who want to wear masks should totally wear masks. But the idea that the government should be allowed to force Americans to wear masks is backward and quite frankly, dangerous.

That works.

And we’re done here.




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