As Twitchy reported this morning, Brian Stelter was super excited to share the CNN poll that proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that CNN doesn’t totally suck WHICH was actually hilarious considering it was a CNN poll …

We were inspired to post our own poll (if you’re on Twitter and haven’t voted yet PRETTY please do) even.

And now it looks like Greg Gutfeld was very helpful and came up with some other questions CNN might want to ask.

Or maybe Brian himself?

May we remind you that CNN began picking at Greg when he came out on top of the ratings? Never poke a bear, guys, because ultimately it will just bite your nards off.

Or embarrass the EFF out of you on Twitter.

Same diff?


Now that’s the striking part, yes?

One goofy Cuomo asking another goofy Cuomo sounds like a sitcom.

And that’s the truth.



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