As Twitchy readers know, Hillary Clinton crawled out of her cave to tweet something stupid about the even stupider narrative going around on Twitter claiming Trump told people to inject themselves with disinfectants. We feel stupid even writing that out … Welcome to 2020.

Here’s the tweet if you were lucky enough to miss it:

We really hope this was just some silly intern who wrote her tweet because wow.

Greg Gutfeld was good enough to put her and her tweet into perspective:

What a terrifying yet hilarious visual.

Thanks for that, Greg.

‘I got bettah.’

Sheesh is right.


She’s sooooo 2016.

We suppose if anyone knows about bleaching things it would be Hill-Dawg.

YAAAAS. It looks just like her.

Right?! SHEW! She totally saved our lives and stuff.

Oh, wait.



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