Boy, our sister site RedState has really been on the mark with their reporting on Katie Hill. Considering they were the first outlet to cover the story of her grossly inappropriate relationship with a staffer that ultimately led to her resigning, we’re not surprised this blog from @BonchieRedState got Brian Stelter’s attention.

Perfect headline.

Perfect story.

Fussy Tater:


Brian is mad because Bonchie wrote that he and Oliver Darcy partied … at a party.

In a blog.


That’s asking too much, man.

Soooo it’s an attack to say he partied at a party?


Maybe it was a crappy party?

This is too damn funny.

Don’t it?


Right-wing smears. Heh.

Not a lot there to comb but anything is possible.

Just a tad.


And then it just got worse …

Is Darcy really trying to doxx this guy?! ROFL

Sweet baby corn, Darcy.

Tigers never really change their stripes.

Even when it’s a news outlet.

And this poor guy.


Annnd we’re dead.

It’s sort of like watching another sequel to ‘Dumb and Dumber’ unfold right before your eyes, right?



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