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Hollywood writers are heading back to the table per NBC News, the problem is no one cares

AP Photo/Chris Pizzello

It's been four months since talks broke down between Hollyweird bigwigs and writers. According to NBC News, the writers are coming back to the table.


The problem: America is finding more and more that there is life outside of TV and Movies. 

As you can see from these comments, the 'strike' may not have the impact the writers had hoped. 

These are just a few examples all over Twitter/X of people that couldn't care less that Hollywood is on what amounts to an unpaid vacation.

Then there are the people who not only don't care but don't even seem to notice.

The truth is the magic and mystique of Hollyweird doesn't exist anymore. America has finally gotten a peek behind the curtain, and instead of finding a shiny, happy place, they found a putrid cesspool. 

The worst-kept but most ignored secret in Hollywood is now mainstream, and Hollywood, it seems, is now paying the price.


It honestly appears as if people seem to have little sympathy for those who are now crying foul over what they claim to be unfair work practices. 

What we now know about Hollywood is just sad. 

The consensus is basically the same: no one cares. America has much bigger problems, and people once looked up to are now viewed as monsters. Pardon this editor for a moment as we pour one out for Jonathan Brandis. 


Years? A lot of America seems to agree with you, but we have to ask. Do we really want years' of 'reality TV' and gameshows only? Tonight on ABC, it's all The Bachelor!

We agree with this guy ...

A question that has to be asked, though. Have we begun to outgrow this medium? Fewer and fewer people are watching TV, and even those who are doing so are viewing in nontraditional ways. Then there is the fact that we previously discussed. Hollywood has a lot to answer for and atone for. It seems until they do, American sympathy may be in short supply.



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