Things you need to know about this year’s (and really, any other) MLB Draft.

1. Most of the players drafted will never make the big leagues.

2. Because of this, it is an unwatchable event for most people. In fact, it isn’t even on the radar for most people. The buzz around it is so dead it’s like the NFL Pro Bowl of professional drafts.

That’s really it.

Some of these guys will obviously end up being superstars. Some of them will end up being fringe players. And some of them will end up selling used cars or real estate.

Example: C.J. Nitkowski

Taken with the ninth overall pick in the 1994 draft, Nitkowski was expected to be a mainstay in the Reds’ pitching staff for years to come. He finished his career with an 18-32 record and played for 10 teams.

And then there’s that. In what other league could that happen?


Not only that, but how many drafts have literally no buzz around them on Twitter? Just this one.

So while most of America feels like this guy, who most certainly is not in the minority:

There’s still going to be Peter Gammons.

And then also this guy, for some reason.