NBA scoring champion Kevin Durant proved once again that he has ice running through his veins, hitting a game-tying three-pointer in the face of Metta World Peace to help lead his Thunder over the Lakers in Game 4 of the Western Conference Semifinals, 103-100.

The victory gives Oklahoma City a 3-1 advantage over Los Angeles with the game heading back to the Ford Center on Monday.

The Twitterverse is generally in agreement — the Lakers are done.!/BillPlaschke/status/204093670385909760!/WarrenSapp/status/204174227509743616!/NBAGuru/status/204089052297826304!/Roscoedash/status/204167474969722880!/sheridanhoops/status/204173623722913793

But there's always a few hopefuls in the pack.!/LakersNation/status/204097955307859968!/regulator/status/204150806784655360