For some strange reason, Los Angeles Lakers point guard and pasty-white-guy Steve Blake was allowed to take the final shot in the closing seconds of Wednesday night’s Game 2 of the Western Conference Semifinal loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Needless to say, he missed.

Fans were not happy, prompting many Steve “X” > Steve Blake tweets, but one grammatically-challenged fan even took to Wikipedia to voice his opinions of Blake.!/SupremeStrokage/status/202980325767389185!/NotBillWalton/status/202977069783711744!/Spooooooon11/status/202977662417907712!/FratBoysComedy/status/202979319658717184!/NOTSportsCenter/status/202980291042738176!/RaisedByKings/status/202979537393422336!/NotBillWalton/status/202981740271239169!/NBAGuru/status/203012064652967937

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