So much for the retrial.

The government’s case against Roger Clemens took a big blow Wednesday when former teammate Andy Pettitte said that he “could have” misinterpreted Clemens during a conversation that took place in 1999 or 2000 in which he thought the seven-time Cy Young Award winner said he’d used human growth hormone.

Pettitte basically caved under the pressure of telling on his buddy. Not surprising, considering he played Robin to Clemens’ Batman for good portions of their respective careers.!/richardjustice/status/197742993988530177!/bruce_arthur/status/197700480334446593!/ChiTribRogers/status/197744563631300608!/martinj624/status/197712213757276160!/Buster_ESPN/status/197686230547312641!/black_bile/status/197701635999408129