Roseanne Barr spent her morning — and it seems afternoon — in an hours-long back and forth with all comers, tweeting about those in the military being “on the dole,” calling Americans “stupid,” and bashing former Mass. Governor Mitt Romney.

It’s difficult to tell where the whole thing started, but things started to go awry when Barr lectured her followers about how racism is the cause of all problems in the U.S.:

A follower’s Tweet about Obama’s possible role in certain minority groups’ high levels of unemployment might have caught Barr by surprise:

Barr, who said she had already mentioned that point,  notes that even the Green Party members don’t understand racism issues. One Twitter follower — whom we later learn is married to an officer in the U.S. Navy — weighed in:

That’s when things really went crazy as Barr went for the jugular,tweeting like crazy to  all types of followers but saving special venom for the wife of the Navy officer:

Aha. The new enemy:  those who bravely serve their country in the military and their families. As the battles waged into the evening, Barr was quick to try to “out” others who expressed views contrary to hers:

And, of course, she kept painting our brave military forces and their families — those “on the dole” — with one brush in what she likely considers her ultimate put down:

We could go on all night — Barr likely will — but we’ll just end with one of her tweets about what Romney is really up to with all of his recent comments:

Ooookay then.