Left-wing comedienne and Sarah Palin-basher Tina Fey bade farewell to retiring fellow left-wing comic and Sarah Palin-basher David Letterman last night.

She’s still trending on Twitter this morning after squeezing herself into a tight pencil dress…and then peeling it off to reveal multiple layers of Spanx and skin.

Anything for a laugh. Or a cringe. Or a something.

The front read: “Bye Dave.” The back read: “The Last Dress Ever.”

Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 4.52.31 AM

How progressive and modern!

In other news, perv Letterman finally admitted he should have been canned over his sex scandal, which he still considers a funny punchline.

Liberal feminists such as Tina Fey were unavailable for comment, though her breasts and thighs certainly spoke for themselves.