There’s nothing climate change can’t do. We’ve been warned about the waves of “climate refugees” who will surge into Europe once their own countries become too hot to grow food. Meanwhile, American kids are less fit than their parents, and what possible reason could there be other than climate change limiting their outdoor activity?

The study was published in the esteemed journal “Temperature.”

We actually have to give the host props for noting that maybe it’s technology that’s keeping kids inside and inactive. But that wouldn’t get published in “Temperature.”

This is how news works, though. The editors at “Temperature” write up a press release and send it around hoping someone will bite. And then the editors at CBS see “climate change” and decide that it’s worth airtime.

That’s right … the climate change and health care bill has passed, and as Speaker Nancy Pelosi said, Mother Nature will be pleased and perhaps will spare us her wrath.

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