What’s this? Yep. Plain, outright bribery. Administrators at one Louisiana school are bribing students to take the Common Core-aligned PARCC tests in exchange for “free dress” passes and recess rewards. Students who opt out are being openly disparaged for ruining the prizes for everyone else.

Well, bribing the kids makes sense, doesn’t it? After all, the federal government, through Race to the Top grants, bribed states to adopt the Common Core standards and testing racket in the first place.

It’s happening in other school districts, too.

More from education blogger Mercedes Schneider:

Yes, iPad mini giveaways are a thing.

Apparently the pushback on social media provided “incentive” enough for DeQuincy administration to change some of the rules of the “we value the test-taking students more” contest.

On March 1, 2015, the following “clarification” tweet appeared on the DeQuincy Twitter page:

The use of the term “clarification” is an attempt for DeQuincy admin to save face and not call this tweet what it is– an about-face on the “recess reward for classes with 100 percent of ‘PARCC’ participation.”

Still, “free dress” and iPad mini drawing is reserved for the test takers.

The message: Test takers are worth more.

Caution: Fed Ed at work.

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