Awww. Ain’t it sweet. Adam Nagourney, Los Angeles bureau chief for the New York Times, shared this incredibly, awesomely awesome, drooltastic discovery from his late father’s home. Herbert Nagourney also once worked as a New York Times man. So cozy.

The late Democrat scion Mario Cuomo’s friendly relationship with the media men of the Nagourney family had fellow liberal journalists melting like microwaved Hershey’s chocolate kisses.

Yeah, that “separation between Press and State!” line was a real hoot! LOLOLOL. Breathe. LOLOLOL.

Nagourney’s tweet prompted another journo to pine for the “good old days.”

As in: the good old days when Democrats and journalists could send each other love notes and gush about them without pesky, pajama-clad barbarians pointing and laughing hysterically.

Don’t hurt yourself, pal.