Yes, congrats, Oregon. A Democrat corruption scandal finally landed on the Fishwrap of Record’s front page today. As expected, “Democrat” doesn’t appear in the headline because it’s always Guess the Party when the culprit is a dyed-in-the-wool “progressive.”

One line from the article about disgraced John Kitzhaber and his torrid romance with his lover and crony beneficiary Cylvia Hayes did generate bipartisan snickers. 50 shades of…excuse-making:

Cue the heavy breathing:

Their relationship, from its beginning in 2002, was based, friends said, on a shared passion for a low-carbon energy future. Mr. Kitzhaber, who, at 55, was preparing to leave the statehouse after two terms as governor, prevailed on a state senator to hold a fund-raiser for Ms. Hayes. Ms. Hayes was 20 years younger, ambitious and determined; after her loss, she sought out Mr. Kitzhaber’s advice about whether to run again in 2003 (she did not), and soon they were a couple.

Anthony Weiner and Bill Clinton are taking notes, no doubt.

Here’s the real, unvarnished lowdown on the ethics-challenged couple:

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