Did he or didn’t he? Grammy viewers are wondering whether Pharrell paid tribute to the Black Lives Matters movement with a “Hands Up” gesture on stage. It’s hard to blame Grammy watchers for their confusion and distraction. Pharrell wore this goofy outfit during his performance of “Happy” at the Grammy wards tonight, which reminded many Twitter users of the Esteban character in kid show “Suite Life of Zack and Cody.”

At one point during the song, Pharrell and his hoodie-wearing backup dancers did this:

But not everyone could agree it was a social justice statement:

Reminder: Pharrell got in hot water with the social justice mob for calling Mike Brown “bullyish.”

If Pharrell was paying a Ferguson tribute, it seems to have gone over the heads of a lot of viewers:

Can’t make everyone, um, happy…

Color us…confused.