A “Stepford wife” is a submissive, unthinking, robot who repeats programmed thoughts and knee-jerk actions incessantly.

The psychological projection and self-unawareness of progressives hating on Sen. Joni Ernst — the first female veteran ever to serve in the U.S. Senate — is simply astounding to behold.

Why, yes. Yes, they can.

Yeah, too late, buddy.

Um, yeah, like every reactionary, misogynist, profane partisan liberal on Twitter did.

This woman wants to teach a lesson to millenials.

Wrong lesson, hon. Just watch the hate-bots of Joni Ernst for textbook Stepford-ism.

We’re sure feminists will be breaking down doors to defend this tough American female vet from the attacks on her looks and denigration of her farming upbringing and professional accomplishments.

Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Not.

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