After the Ferguson, Missouri shooting last year, protesters demanded that police wear bodycams. Now, the social justice mobsters are stealing them.

Police in Bloomington, Indiana on Facebook posted the photo of a protester who filched a camera knocked off a cop trying to arrest a different protester who apparently lunged at him.

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Bloomington police say an officer’s body camera was ripped off his uniform, swiped off the ground and taken by a female protester after another protester grabbed the patrolman around the neck Monday evening.

Police have released a photograph of the woman suspected of taking off with the $700 department-issued body camera.

Monday’s “ReclaimMLK” rally called for participants to reclaim the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. by standing against racism and police brutality. Deciding that disruption would cause people to think about racial injustice, protesters halted rush hour traffic at one of the busiest intersections in Bloomington, Third Street and College Mall Road.

Boy, one of those concrete barrels sure would come in handy for these reckless fools.

Way to “Reclaim MLK,” progs!