Actress Kaley Cuoco won a People’s Choice Award tonight for her comedic work on the “Big Bang Theory.” As Twitchy has reported, she made quite a bang with her recent comments rejecting feminist orthodoxy (for which she subsequently apologized).

Tonight, she made joking reference to the controversy…

Presenting at Wednesday’s People’s Choice Awards, Kaley Cuoco joked about the recent uproar over comments she made regarding feminism.

Cuoco and her co-stars from “The Wedding Ringer,” Josh Gad and Kevin Hart, presented the first People’s Choice Award of the night: Favorite Comedic Movie Actress. After a prolonged bit involving Hart and a trio of selfie sticks, the 29-year-old actress asked if they could just show the nominees.

“Kaley, are you sure you want to do that category given your anti-feminism stance?” asked Gad. To which Cuoco responded: “Guys, I have to, it’s part of my apology tour.”

…which, of course, made the feminists even madder.

‘Cuz feminism ain’t a laughing matter, patriarchal oppressors!