Law enforcement got no rest or respite in New York City this Christmas week. NYPD has been monitoring social media for death threats and violent plots against cops since the brutal execution of Officers Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos from the 84th Precinct stationhouse.

Also this:

At least seven would-be domestic terrorists in the War on Cops have been arrested.

At least seven New Yorkers have been charged with making threats against police officers since the Dec. 20 killing of two patrolmen shot in their squad car in Brooklyn, a police spokeswoman said.

Six were charged with making terroristic threats through social media or in direct phone calls to police, said Officer Sophia Mason, a police spokeswoman. The seventh, Elvin Payamps, 38, of Queens, was arrested yesterday on charges of possession of marijuana and illegal gun possession after a witness said he overheard Payamps talking on his mobile phone about killing police, she said.

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