Nothing says “peace on Earth, good will toward men” like tearing up an innocent Christmas tree and trashing other people’s property. While you were at church, spending time with family, helping those in need, or putting in an honest day’s work yesterday, the anti-cop community organizers in Oakland were busy spreading their holiday poison and destruction.

Please note the inflammatory rhetoric and purpose of these saboteurs: To specifically wreak havoc on the men and women on the thin blue line. The social justice mob’s online supporters used the hashtag #NoTimeOff to gloat about causing trouble for police working on the holiday.


The anarchists want to see #NoTimeOff infect other cities. The Occupy miscreants, of course, are leading the way.

The agitators won’t stop the destruction and indulgent enablers in government continue to allow it — leaving local business owners vulnerable and endangering police trying to keep the peace.

No justice, no Christmas tree, no shame.