Yep. Ho-hum. Another day, another Obama scandal. Corruptocracy: It’s what’s for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

In case you were wondering why #cartagena was trending, here’s why. From the WaPo report:

The Secret Service shared its findings twice in the weeks after the scandal with top White House officials, including then-White House Counsel Kathryn Ruemmler. Each time, she and other presidential aides conducted an interview with the advance-team member and concluded that he had done nothing wrong.

Meanwhile, the new details also show that a separate set of investigators in the inspector general’s office of the Department of Homeland Security — tasked by a Senate committee with digging more deeply into misconduct on the trip — found additional evidence from records and eyewitnesses who had accompanied the team member in Colombia.

The lead investigator later told Senate staffers that he felt pressure from his superiors in the office of Charles K. Edwards, who was then the acting inspector general, to withhold evidence — and that, in the heat of an election year, decisions were being made with political considerations in mind.

“We were directed at the time . . . to delay the report of the investigation until after the 2012 election,” David Nieland, the lead investigator on the Colombia case for the DHS inspector general’s office, told Senate staffers, according to three people with knowledge of his statement.

Patterns, anyone?

Slooooowly, but surely, the lib media rouses.

Winner, winner, chicken dinner!


So is Kathryn Ruemmler out of a job?

Well, we wouldn’t be so sure. We can think of plenty of high-level Obama officials who clinched their nominations and kept their jobs despite dirty scandals tainting their records.

Nobody knew nuthin’. Transparency flashback!