Blogger John Sexton astutely connected the dots this afternoon on the role that partisan liberal “policy analysts” and activist “journalists” have played in whitewashing deadly bureaucratic decisions at the Department of Veterans Affairs and masking the truth about the Obamacare disaster.

His launching point: A New York Times piece this weekend on the longstanding complaints vets have had about interminable wait times.

Left-leaning political operatives masquerading as neutral analysts turned a blind eye for years.

Sense a pattern? Big time:

Strategy: Marginalize the truth-tellers until the truth can no longer be denied.

Textbook example: “If you like your plan, you can keep it.”

And another example:

Scourge of the lib wonks, continued:

Social media plays an important role in exposing liberal advocacy disguised as objective policy analysis or “Voxsplaining” nonsense. Who watches the watchdogs? Who polices the liberal fact police?