Mehdi Nemmouche, a 29-year-old Muslim French citizen, was arrested in Marseilles this weekend in connection with last week’s shootings at the Jewish museum in Brussels. He was allegedly carrying a Kalashnikov rifle at the time of his arrest.

Three people were killed in the horrific museum shootings. Nemmouche reportedly has ties to jihadists in Syria.

Nemmouche had also reportedly been jailed several times for various criminal offenses:

Killed were an Israeli couple who were tourists and a Frenchwoman who worked at the museum. A Belgian man was also shot and remains hospitalized in critical condition.

Mr. Nemmouche, who reportedly spent at least two years in prison for his involvement in the armed robbery of a small supermarket in his home city in 2009, is believed to have left for Syria in 2013, shortly after his release from prison, and to have returned to Europe in March, the French newspaper Le Monde reported.

European Twitter users reacted to the news:

And then there was this response:

No surprise: